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Please contact us for anything about cars. Our professional staff will solve all your car-related problems.

We will find the perfect car for you and propose it based on your desired use. Insurance, maintenance, and car life after that are also safe support. We have everything from imported cars and luxury cars to special cars and special cars. Please feel free to contact us about anything related to your car.


Personal Business Negotiation Space

In order for customers to spend their waiting time comfortably, each store has a separate business meeting space.


Free Consultation Desk

We offer a variety of car-related services, so you can consult with us free of charge about all your car-related concerns.


Nationwide vehicle search

Even if the vehicle is not in stock, we will search for the desired vehicle from partner stores and car auctions nationwide at the store.

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Store Name
Exia Chiba Office
Chiba, Noda-shi, Mebuki 1584-6
TEL. 04-7157-4811 FAX.04-7157-4812