We promise to have a safe car. We deliver safe vehicles more carefully and faster than anywhere else.

Maintenance & Inspection
Repair & Sheet Metal
In-store purchase

In order for customers to purchase used cars with peace of mind and make them comfortable, we have an in-house factory in Chiba Prefecture and provide total support for our customers' car life with a full range of facilities and services centered on safety, security, politeness, and speed. Please take advantage of the quality and speed that is as good as the dealer.


We will purchase it at a high price, including memories.

In the case of imported cars and luxury cars, there are various characteristics depending on the brand and country, so we have a system in place where staff with knowledge of each car are stationed and can respond directly to troubles. Our mechanic staff with extensive maintenance experience will diagnose the condition of your important car and respond to a wide range of problems such as sudden troubles, regular maintenance, vehicle inspection, and tuning.

Repair/Sheet metal

Because it is an imported car that requires knowledge of each and every one of its unique colors and specifications, in order to give customers peace of mind, the corresponding staff is also staffed with skills, knowledge, and experience, such as sheet metal craftsmen specializing in imported cars and skilled painters with experience at overseas dealers. Therefore, it is possible to regain the shine of the vehicle when it was purchased, even if it has been purchased for a long time.


navigation system

Regardless of the manufacturer, we will install the desired navigation system according to the specifications of the imported car.

Audio Exchange

Regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas, we will install the desired audio speaker according to the specifications of the imported car

Aero mounting

We can handle everything from overseas limited type aero to custom type sold in Japan. It is also possible to order from overseas.


We will propose the most suitable method for the customer from wrapping and painting according to the customer's wishes, from two-tone to line insertion, matte processing, and all-paint.

Some types cannot be installed, so please check with the staff in advance.