About Us

We aim to be the best store for you. We aim to be the best store for people who like cars.


We believe that selling a car means that we will stay with you until you let go of the car, and we are developing services that can provide various support. Everything is for the smiles of our customers who use our services... And all the staff will do their best to make it an important place for people who like cars.


We can handle a wide range of services from loans to leasing!

We support not only cash purchases and loans, but also leasing, so we can realize the optimal proposal according to the customer's intended use.


Total support for everything related to cars

We provide total support for everything related to the car, from sales to repairs, maintenance such as inspection and sheet metal repair, glass coating, and insurance, with a single phone call.


Emergency rental cars can also be provided at a low price!

It is also possible to prepare a substitute car in the event of an accident or a rental car at a low price when you need to increase the number of cars in a hurry.

Premium Benefit

Point1 10,000 km coverage for all vehicles for one year

Exia allows you to return the car within 90 days of delivery. If you don't like the car after delivery, we will refund 100% of the price of the vehicle itself. The refund amount includes the amount of automobile liability insurance premiums that have not been accrued, the amount that has not been paid by automobile tax, the deposit of recycling vouchers, the environmental performance discount, and the weight tax.


  • ・Mileage is within 3,000 km from the time of delivery
  • ・There has been no increase in scratches or dents since delivery.
  • ・It comes with equipment and functions at the time of delivery.
  • ・The vehicle verification holder at the time of delivery is the same.
  • ・The car is not mortgaged, transferred, or otherwise entitled to by a third party.
  • ・Buying with cash

Non-refundable expenses

  • ・Maintenance cost
  • ・Coating Cost
  • ・Registered vehicle delivery cost (garage certificate, land transportation fee, etc.)
  • ・Optional Costs

Point2 Free coating at the time of purchase

All vehicles purchased by our company will be installed free of charge with our original premium glass coating (worth 29,800 yen) with the same specifications as those used at the dealership.

What we do

  • ・Exterior Washing + Polishing
  • ・Exterior iron powder + polishing
  • ・Foil polishingExterior washing + polishing
  • ・Room Cleaning


  • ・It will be installed before delivery.
  • ・In the case of return, you will be responsible for the construction cost.

Point3 Free luxury car rental

For customers who have purchased at our company, we will lend a rental car of luxury cars (Alphard, Mercedes-Benz C class) that can be used comfortably during leisure such as travel free of charge. When traveling with a large number of people, Alphard. For anniversaries with loved ones, Mercedes-Benz delivers a higher-grade ride. We will propose a different way to enjoy the vehicle you purchased according to your use.


  • ・Up to 5 times per year
  • ・Order of arrival
  • ・Possess a ticket
  • ・Within 1 year from the date of issuance


  • ・Since it is on a first-come, first-served basis, if it is not in stock, it will be a separate vehicle.
  • ・In the event of an accident, there will be a settlement at the actual cost.
  • ・It will be rented at the Noda sales office.
  • ・It will be returned with a full tank of fuel